Welcometo       Athens
Discover  the   streets
Experiencethe       city
Walk  like an   Athenian
Grab a bite  of   street food
Prepareto be   amazed
Awaken  your    senses
Escape  from    stereotypes
Welcome to ALTERNATIVE_ATHENS, a different way of travelling and discovering the secrets of this fascinating, complex and diverse city, Athens.

Whether taking one of our walking tours, participating in our workshops, or tasting one of our home-cooked meals, our aim is to offer you a genuine Athenian experience:

  • discovering non-touristic neighborhoods, streets and locations,
  • visiting places where the Athenians eat, shop and have fun in their everyday life,
  • exploring new, uncharted locations that are just emerging.

You will see Athens as we see it –through the eyes of a local. Everything we do is based on experiences, not just passive sightseeing and tourist stereotypes.

We love meeting people, exchanging ideas, and –what travelling’s all about– sharing all we can about our city and our culture.

Are you ready to discover one of the most fascinating cities in the world?

"A treat for the senses, and a true cultural adventure. It is so very worth it."

“A wonderful way to experience Athens”

"What a difference it made for our entire trip!"

  • Athens, a great city to discover

    Athens, a great city to discover.

    There's a lot more to Athens than just the Acropolis and Plaka. Find out about it.

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  • Tours for travelers, not tourists.

    Tours for travelers, not tourists.

    With our walking tours, you will discover the true nature of Athens the local way.

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  • Alternative Athens Experiences.

    Alternative Athens Experiences.

    From home-cooked meals to crafts workshops, live an unforgettable experience!

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  • Tailored tips and advice.

    Tailored tips and advice.

    Confused with ferry schedules? Late night arrival at the airport? We're here to help!

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